Youth Thinkers’ Society

“Empowering Youths, Sustaining Communities”

YouthThinkers’ Society is an independent organization designed to give a voice to unheard young people and make sure that the voice of our country’s springtide is heard in the right places to implement proper policy changes. Our fundamental aim is to empower young minds by facilitating intellectual and proactive mediums and channelize their acquired skills to support the local community. We stronglybelieve that youths are the catalyst of change for betterment in the society, and today as the world has grown into a global village, we at YTS envision establishing networks for youths to exchange their ideas, knowledge and goodwill across borders and become a responsible global citizen.

YTS has successfully organized its first international MUN Conference of Nepal, the Everest Model United Nations, in 2014 followed by five other Everest International Model United Nations (EIMUN) conferences every year. After signing a Cooperative Agreement in 2016 with the U.S. Embassy Nepal, it has collaboratively conducted Asian regional MUN conference. Such kinds of conferences has promoted MUN culture in Nepal, paving ways for the Nepali youths to engage in national and international level conferences. This enables young minds towards their personal development, creating culture of harmony and global responsibility.

Alongside, it has also developed leadership skills by conducting and engaging youths in various social events and programs like ‘Sapana ko Computer’, ‘Call for Ideas’, ‘Mitjyu’, ‘Barista training to the women of rural areas. It has also made significant contribution for rebuilding the community during the aftermath of 2015 devastating earthquake by mobilizing youths towards the reform and for helping the victims in every possible ways. Encouraged from immense support from community and youth, YTS aims to further expand its activities to outreach larger beneficiary group with active participation of youths.

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