Having a total of 8 districts, Madhesh Province is the smallest province of Nepal by area. Although being the smallest, it houses the most densely populated region of Nepal. The province contains major youth forces however, comparatively it has the lowest HDI (0.519) among all provinces of Nepal. Seeing that Madhesh necessitated a catalytic factor to propagate knowledge and influence the youths, Youth Thinkers’ Society in collaboration with US Embassy Nepal and EIMUN took this opportunity to conduct a Model United Nations Simulation. The first edition of BUNS was a 3 day long conference held from 27th December  – 29th December 2019. It took place at Townhall party palace with a total of 60 participants from different districts of Madhesh Province in 2020. The event gathered like-minded individuals to initiate multilogue on the issues faced by the world and how state interests plays at the international level.

With the objective of availability, affordability and accessibility, the second edition of BUNS was conducted making it the first stop for the road to EIMUN2023 campaign. The three day conference was conducted from January 3rd-5th January 2023. This national level convention invited participants from various academic programs and established a united front against the issues of Human Rights and World Economy. 

Birgunj United Nations Simulation had aimed to be a first of its kind on the ground platform for the youth of Madhesh Province to hone many skills like debate, speaking, listening, critical thinking skills, etc to the participants.