Koshi Province, the land hosting the ever majestic & the highest peak of the world. The easternmost part of Nepal which is bestowed with a magnificent Himalayan range and is a center of tourist attraction. As lively as the topography of Koshi Province is, so are the youths from this region. The sheer ignition of interest from the youths of this region made us believe why “Purbanchal United Nations Simulation” needs to be a reality. Hence the first simulation of the conference was conducted in 2020 virtually which yielded hope for a better future and an intellectually diverse Nepal.

With the same momentum and ambition in mind, the second Edition of PUNS was completed successfully at Itahari, Sunsari district from 26th-28th February 2023. The energetic delegates with a heating agenda of mitigating climate change made this committee even more interesting, productive as well as alive to the scenario of Koshi Province. The values and opinions the delegates projected was a hope that we can see being fulfilled in the near future. The province is not just limited to rich natural resources and religious sites but also an energetic youth force which made PUNS 2023 a major success in our road to EIMUN2023.