Pokhara is an emerging sector of youth empowerment. It’s well rooted tourism background has aided its economic development. However, the academic sector still needs a catalyst to propagate the intellectual discourse and expand the limits of knowledge in the youths.

With the aim of “Empowering Youths, Sustaining Communities” Youth thinkers’ Society Pokhara has been organizing Model United Nation on a yearly basis. The program is targeted especially to the youth of Higher Secondary and University Level within and around the premises of Pokhara Valley. Empowering youths with skills that can play a crucial role in the policy-making platform and have an intervening role in the multidimensional arena has always been the main motto of the program. Aside from organizing regional level MUN’s it also hosts the provincial Level MUN for the entire Gandaki Province.

PMUN 2020 was its earlier provincial level event which was attended by 140+ delegates from 13th-15th of February 2020. This event catered the largest magnitude of skills and discussions on policy making which made us believe in the perpetuation of this conference in future. This iteration of PMUN for the year 2023 which took place from 27th – 29th May, 2023. More than 150+ participants were a part of it. PMUN, a part of Road To EIMUN and our Provincial MUN for Gandaki Province was a grand success.

We cannot wait for PMUN 2024.

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