At the Everest International Model United Nations 2023, I delved into a world of diplomacy, connecting with global minds and embracing the journey of empowerment and growth, where youth voices united. My incredible journey at this 5 day conference from July 10-14th 2023, nestled amidst the central part of Kathmandu in ‘The Malla Hotel’ began with excitement and curiosity. 

Even before the main conference itself, the EIMUN journey was thrilling and exciting. The journey from writing the application to waiting for the result to being selected among an extraordinary pool of applications through the competition was truly exhilarating. After being selected I was allocated to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) committee as a delegate of Bangladesh and had to submit two position papers before the conference. As a medical student with a special interest in issues of children, the committee and agendas directly aligned with my field of interest and it was rewarding for me to do research and write on those agendas. 

On 10th July 2023, I finally embarked on this 5 days of unforgettable adventure. As I stepped into the grand foyer of the venue ‘The Malla Hotel’, where EIMUN awaited, I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness swirling inside me. Soon, after the registration, the Youth Talk Session and Opening ceremony took place where inspiring speeches from EIMUN Alumni, and eminent authorities including the US Ambassador to Nepal and the Honorable Minister of Youth and Sports added more enthusiasm and motivation to give my best. 

From the second day onwards the formal committee session began, where I found myself amidst a diverse sea of delegates, all eager to make a difference. For the next three days, I immersed myself in the world of heated discussion, debate, diplomacy, research, and collaboration on global issues with other fellow delegates. I presented my country’s stance on the given agendas and actively participated in all sessions. Amidst the heated discussions, I experienced a sense of empowerment as my voice contributed to shaping resolutions that aimed to address and provide solutions to complex challenges. 

The late night research session at 11 p.m., waking up early morning for a heritage walk, and the back-to-back committee session was tiresome at that time, but when I look back, it feels immensely great that I accomplished those things I believe were unachievable at the beginning. The fun-filled experience and memories during the global village, social night, and escapade night will surely be cherished for a lifetime. And, not to forget, the delicious cuisines.

The Everest International Model United Nations was not just a conference; it was an opportunity to make my voice heard on the international level. It was the opportunity to navigate the complexities of diplomacy and learn international relations. I would like to thank all my fellow delegates, dais members, organizing committee, and others who became part of my five days of amazing journey.

Swarnim Raj Adhikari

Delegate, UNICEF Committee

EIMUN 2023

“Navigating the Peaks of Diplomacy”: My EIMUN Experience