“Never judge a book by its cover”. This quote sums up my MUN journey. Long before I entered the world of Model United Nations, MUNs to me was all about tedious research, heated debates, and formal and lengthy sessions. But once I became acquainted with the actual ‘MUN Journey’, I simply just cannot back down from it. Now, MUN has a different meaning to me: self-development, themed socials, networking, the “talks” till dawn, the lasting memories, and of course, one cannot forget the flow of debates, heated discussions, and simply enjoying oneself! which, in the end, made me hooked up with MUNs like a well-written book that keeps on adding interesting chapters every time I turn a new page.

I always wanted to experience what MUN was, and I wanted to see some development myself too. YTS-Lamjung, one of the chapters of YTS, fulfilled the drive and my desire to participate in MUN. My MUN journey started with IAAS MUN and I reminisce about the moment filled with excitement and nervousness when I was assigned as the delegate of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the UN Women Committee. At Lamjung MUN, I got to meet participants from the school level to different universities, and as a bonus made some new friends with whom I was lucky to share countless experiences. In those two MUNs, I learned about the basics of MUN and, along with the experience, I gained confidence. Not to forget, the Best Position Paper, one of the awards at LMUN, was presented to me. When I thought this was a full stop to my MUN experience, I got a call during one of the lectures asking whether I was interested in attending EIMUN-2019!

EIMUN?! The first thing I remember was the shock, then the dread and fear of missing lecturers in those five days of conferences. But the fact of getting an opportunity to join one of the finest MUN conferences in the South Asian and Pacific Region conquered those fears and shock. Those five days were undoubtedly the most memorable days to date. I certainly learned a lot about the Rohingya refugees, the views and opinions of different nations on that matter, and my assigned country, the Phillippines. I made my first international friend and enjoyed the committee sessions, socials, and many more.  Late night committee sessions which lasted up to 1-3 AM and the compulsion to wake up again at 7 AM, the secret talks where we, the delegates, were plotting against a rival delegate, our chair opening the session with ‘We Will We Will Rock You’ a song by Queen, our entire committee shouting UNHRC! UNHRC!! during the closing ceremony, huge laughs and talks with fellow delegates, which, if I recall, were Delegates from Russia, Rwanda, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, again the socials and who can forget the vast array of food, certainly I can go on for pages and hours if I start recalling EIMUN 2019. The memories and the constant flashbacks I continuously had for months can undoubtedly prove that EIMUN 2019 is one of the best memories I have.

When I was young, I always wished to have an international friend, and at the post-event of EIMUN 2019; I finally made one from Pakistan with whom I am still connected even after three years. Starting my first MUN with a fellow participant who was also in their first MUN and now being dais of the same committee as Chair and Co-Chair, that’s the MUN Journey. Reading a bunch of placards, which I have collected over the years, and reliving the memories and moments, again reconnecting with your fellow participant/s, that’s the MUN Journey I am talking about. MUN has always helped me to learn something about the agenda and perspectives of different countries on pressing global matters, as well as the skills one develops along the way, especially research skills, oratory, debate, and networking skills. MUN is not just a simulation of the UN where a participant represents a diplomat of a country. MUN is a Journey of self-development, networking, and a lot of fun that does not just limit to a few days during any conference but lasts for a lifetime.

This year, I look forward to the research sessions, fruitful debates, committee sessions, socials, and creating memories and bonds that stretch far and beyond in this grand event of EIMUN 2023, where “Diversity meets Diplomacy”.

Prajwal Shrestha 
Committee Coordinator 
EIMUN 2023

My MUN Journey