Days-long committee sessions and intense research sessions are the basics of any MUN conference. Breaking the monotony of the formal sessions, the networking events foster an environment for building connections and establishing meaningful relationships among participants. It encourages individuals to engage in conversations, collaborate on creative endeavors, and appreciate each other’s talents. The event serves as a bridge, transcending the boundaries of nationality, language, and cultural backgrounds, and promoting a sense of unity among participants.

A games night is conducted in the evening of the third day where the participants engage themselves in various games and refreshment activities. The winners of different activities are awarded with exciting gifts and prizes. Every year, a themed party is scheduled for the evening of the fourth day where the participants dress themselves according to the theme and groove on top dancing numbers, letting go of all responsibilities and competition for that moment. Undoubtedly, the networking nights of the conference leave an unforgettable joyous experience among the participants that is to be cherished forever.

Networking Night