EIMUN 2023 has come to an end, and what an exhilarating experience it has been! As I sit down to pen my thoughts about this incredible journey, I am filled with a mix of emotions. It’s not just about winning awards or debating global issues; it’s the journey of self-discovery, diplomacy, and embracing diversity that made this experience truly unforgettable. This blog reflects on my unforgettable experiences as an International Press at EIMUN 2023. 

EIMUN 2023 is my 2nd edition of EIMUN where I participated as an International Press, for the UN Women committee. No doubt it was the official first-hand experience for me as an IP to experience and also perform. On the opening day, I found myself amidst the bustling crowd of delegates, chairs, and organizers, each with a sense of enthusiasm. As a member of the International Press, my objective was to bring to light the stories behind the conference – the motivations, the challenges, and the triumphs. 

When I look back to myself on the first day to myself on the last day, I can feel the rise in confidence and self-belief that I have gained throughout the consecutive five-day conference. I still remember the opening ceremony where I was sitting with thousands of doubts and questions regarding the choice I made to participate in EIMUN 2023 irrespective of my plan to go for a long trip with friends. I knew that my decision was going to be fruitful somehow but I didn’t know how until I finally broke my silence and went into a crowd to network and engage with other participants. I was amazed to see the participants from 13 different countries of South, Central Asia and beyond. Then I knew that I could find people with similar interests and career aspirations. 

EIMUN Dairy: The committee meetings provided a wealth of opportunities to see diplomacy in action. Delegates participated in stimulating talks, vehemently defending their countries’ positions while looking for allies to tackle difficult global issues. It was my responsibility to document these instances, the finer points of the negotiations, and the expressions on the faces of the delegates as they struggled with the responsibility of representing their nations. It became clear that underneath the MUN’s formalities there were real young people with a good outlook. 

I had the honour of interviewing conference attendees from the UN Women committee as the conference progressed. These encounters made the various viewpoints that enriched EIMUN 2023 visible. Delegates from various cultural backgrounds expressed their distinctive perspectives and experiences, illuminating the varied ways that international concerns affected their countries where I learned that the MUN’s power resides not just in the resolutions it passes, but also in the bridge it builds across cultures, encouraging respect and understanding. 

The social events of EIMUN 2023 provided an opportunity to explore the human side of diplomacy in between formal sessions and discussions. I saw delegates building international relationships and forming friendships during breaks, games, and cultural nights. Conversations over shared meals and

downtime demonstrated the value of cross-cultural interaction in removing obstacles and fostering enduring relationships. Regardless of our nations, these casual interactions demonstrated the universality of our hopes and aspirations. 

As the conference neared its conclusion, my focus shifted to reporting the impact of EIMUN 2023. Beyond the resolutions passed and awards won, the true significance lay in the lasting effects on the participants and the world they would return to. The passion ignited during the conference could potentially lead to real-world actions, inspiring future leaders and changemakers to strive for a more inclusive and sustainable world. 

Self-Reflection Corner: When it comes to doing something, I prefer to do it in a detailed way. I knew I had no prior experience of an IP and I also knew that before others believe in me, I should believe in myself. So, I was ready to learn as many times as I could in order to not fall behind in my role. With the help of my IP team and guidance, I can confidently say that I didn’t feel like I was doing it for the first time. It was an amazing experience for me to cover the committee sessions and engage in meaningful dialogues that could add value to the fellow participants. I have learnt the significance of teamwork, dedication, diversified ideas, and personal focus for the work. 

Coming to the other experiences, I feel that EIMUN 2023 was a huge success not only for the organisers but also for participants like me to be a part of such an incomparable MUN platform, have networks of diverse sectors, share ideas and voice out opinions.

EIMUN 2023 has been a memorable journey for me as an International Press. It offered a unique lens through which I could witness the world’s challenges and the power of diplomacy and collaboration in finding solutions. The experience taught me that diplomacy is not just confined to the realm of politics; it is a way of understanding, respecting, and empathising with others. Moreover, this journey taught me the importance of empathy and active listening. In a world where conflicts arise due to misunderstandings, genuine empathy can bridge divides and foster meaningful connections. 

As I reflect on my time at EIMUN 2023, I am reminded of the importance of journalism in shedding light on global issues and giving voice to the diverse perspectives that shape our world. As I bid farewell and leave EIMUN 2023 with a renewed sense of purpose – to continue advocating for diplomacy and understanding in all facets of life. The memories and friendships formed during this conference will forever hold a special place in my heart, serving as a constant reminder of the beauty of embracing diversity and the potential we all possess to shape a brighter future. 

Until the next MUN adventure!

Neha Saru 

International Press 

EIMUN 2023

From Novice to Insider: Insights from EIMUN 2023