Frequently Asked Questions

With the theme ‘Where Diversity meets Diplomacy’, we celebrate the interconnectedness between a multitude of backgrounds in promoting mutual cohesion and effective diplomacy. The conference bridges diverse communities and cultures to create inclusive solutions for global challenges.

EIMUN 2023 is a residential conference that will take place on 10th - 14th July 2023 at Hotel Malla, Kathmandu, Nepal.

EIMUN provides an enriching and comprehensive experience that extends beyond the traditional MUN framework. Besides, day-long committee sessions and intense research sessions, the key events to take place at this conference include

  • Youth Talk Session,
  • Welcome Reception,
  • Experts Session,
  • Global Village,
  • Games night,
  • Networking session.

Yes, airport pick-up and drop-off services are available for international participants. You will be provided with further information via email.

No, these services are free of charge.

Official vaccination cards are not required here in Nepal. However, it is recommended to carry a copy of the vaccination card.

University-level students, Professionals, and Practitioners from diverse fields will be participating as a delegate.

UNA-USA format will be followed in EIMUN.

English is the official language for the EIMUN conference

Yes, you will get the opportunity to showcase your culture during Global Village which takes place on the second day of the conference. This event witnesses cultural expression and exchange through dance and musical performances, food and souvenir stalls, history, and ramp walks showcasing their cultural dresses. Aside from this the delegates, if willing, shall also be provided with the opportunity to place their stalls showcasing their culture in the venue.

There will be five different committees in EIMUN 2023.  

  2. UNSC
  4. UNEP

Yes, the organizing team shall take proper care and respect for your dietary preferences and make respective plans and implement the same during the entire conference. However, the team shall not be responsible for any unforeseen events that arise as a result of the diets provided.

Aside from the dress code mentioned in the itinerary, the delegates are also required to bring comfortable clothes that are in resonance with the weather in Nepal.

Unless provided with emergency circumstances, the delegates shall not be allowed to leave the venue at any period during the conference.

During the conference, delegates often find it hard to picture the end goal or the objective, or the issue to be discussed during the entire conference. Hence the expert session acts as a helping hand in directing the delegates to the issue concerned and possible solutions that can be generated from it.

Yes, there shall be sightseeing which shall be organized during the conference days with the objective of establishing memorable bonds among the participants of EIMUN 2023.

Yes, there shall be an interactive session during the conference with the representatives from the US Embassy.

Yes, there will be a MUN training session conducted by the organizing committee as well as the chairs of respective committees before the date of the conference.

The study guides shall be provided to the participants by 25th June to their registered emails.

If you have any further queries, you can contact us.