I started my MUN journey in 2019 with Budhanilkantha School Model United Nations. This was supposed to be a get-together event with my friends but the butterfly event kicked in and I embarked on a journey of MUNs, something I’d never anticipated. Reflecting on my journey, I remember the girl I was and how she’s changed over time. With time, delegations have turned to chairing accompanied by organizing MUNs. This journey has taken me 4 years with various ups and downs. Not every conference has been my best but over time I’ve realized dedication and continuity in the right direction make a proficient.

Hence, MUNs have been an incredible part of my life, and trust me, MUNs organized by the Youth Thinkers’ Society are the best MUNs you will ever experience. I have been a part of many MUNs till date but the experience, the essence and the academic part that EIMUN provides is the best that one could ever experience especially due to its uncompromising commitment to the academic aspect. The discussion-oriented conference sessions accompanied by Expert Sessions and Panel Discussions give one insight into being a real-life diplomat. Hence, chairing and being a delegate in such a conference is equally stimulating. Being a part of EIMUN 2022 as Secretariat and chairing 2 provincial MUNs this year, I have had a chance to interact with various stakeholders involved. Hence, I have some advice for the delegates joining  EIMUN this year.   

Firstly, come to the committee full of energy and a desire to learn. Enthusiasm and eagerness to know more about the current world issues and how the UN is actively working towards them will help build a committee session that is academically and intellectually energizing. Being physically and mentally present will not only help you formulate better speeches but also address other delegates when necessary. Talking and listening lie at the heart of the conference. 

Secondly, MUNs are as much social events as academic ones. Hence, take a moment to talk to the person beside you. The opportunity to connect with other passionate and motivated individuals who share a similar interest in global affairs and international relations is invaluable. I believe that the exchange of ideas and perspectives that will take place at the MUN conference, particularly at EIMUN will broaden one’s horizons. Hence, take a moment to find out something similar with the delegates who come from different geographical locations. This exposure will enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with people from different backgrounds, an essential skill in today’s globalized world.

Thirdly, remind yourself that the world is interconnected. Bringing solutions to the world’s pressing issues, such as climate change, human rights, and international security is interdisciplinary and observes a ripple effect in so many other areas. So, having knowledge of vast subjects is always helpful. If you are looking forward to EIMUN, start by reading the newspaper today. You might be amazed at how handy knowledge from a completely unrelated field will enrich your solution formulation. 

In the end, remind yourself that MUNs are not a public speaking competition. We, as world-renowned diplomats, are looking to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues and provide a safer and better community to the entire community of people that are dependent on your representation of them. No pressure though!

Have fun and enjoy your next MUN conference.

EIMUN: Tips for delegates