Model United Nations – It was always a ‘must-experience at least once’ for me until the end of my A-Level in mid-2022. And, the reason was quite logical – this was the only known platform for me where I could utilize my deep passion for international relations. 

Finally, the moment arrived in September 2022 when I, as a high school graduate, participated in my first MUN as the representative of Ukraine in Alok Vidyashram. Winning the ‘Best Delegate’ award in that MUN boosted my self-confidence, leading me to participate in four more MUNs within a year, including one as a Vice Chair. Because I was already acquainted with national MUNs, I was eager to explore international ones. However, due to financial constraints, it was just limited to my ‘unfulfilled’ wish. All thanks to the “Youth Thinkers’ Society (YTS)” which turned my expectation into reality. 

Everest International MUN – An event whose actuality was NOT the same as my presumption. In fact, it was far bigger in terms of the presence of brighter minds, hospitality, services, networking, insights, globality, and the list goes on and on. To embark on my first EIMUN experience in 2023, there were tons of surprises on the day of the ‘opening ceremony.’ From receiving a friendly welcome at one of the finest hotels in the valley to having a one-to-one interaction with officials from the US Embassy, including the U.S. Visa Officer, were beyond my assumptions. Upon the commencement of the formal session, I was impressed with the effort and clarity with which the Chair of our UNICEF committee explained the Rules of Procedure (RoP). I honestly learned how to run the MUN committee session in a real scenario. That is why I would not hesitate to declare him as my ‘Best Chair’ to date. 

In my earlier MUNs, I have witnessed chairs forcing delegates to express themselves at least once publicly. However, it was shocking for me to observe that this time they were struggling to accommodate a long list of speakers. Such was the level of rigor in our committee. In addition, this US Embassy collaborated event was blessed to have some of the genius minds from around the world. One such person who had a lasting influence on me was the delegate of Guatemala in my committee (an Indian national) who will forever remain my role model for his smart diplomacy. 

Apart from formal sessions, I was impressed by the smaller features that had a significant impact on the conference. These include the friendly and caring nature of the hotel staff, the helpful mindset of participants towards those with disabilities, and a sense of cooperation regardless of identities. And, I express sincere gratitude towards the YTS for providing me with all these experiences at a negligible cost compared to the level and quality of services. 

At the closing ceremony, indeed it was saddening for a moment that I was not successful in receiving any award despite continuous attempts. Nevertheless, I motivate myself by remembering that I learned how to properly run a committee so that I can do so as an Executive Board (EB) member in the near future. Moreover, I find inspiration in the fact that I truly grasped the essence of internationalism and established lifelong global connections. 

All in all, EIMUN, for me, was much more than working from 6 AM in the morning to 2 AM late at night by attending committee sessions and socials. It was about tough negotiations, lobbying, reaching a consensus, and having fun with people around the world.

Pappu Jha
Delegate, UNICEF
EIMUN 2023

EIMUN 2023: An Insightful, Impactful, and Indelible Experience