It’s my privilege to take my fellow global enthusiasts and aspiring diplomats to this thrilling and captivating journey where I am sharing my unforgettable experience at the prestigious EIMUN 2022 – the Model United Nations conference that transformed me from a novice delegate into an aspiring diplomat. Join me as I unravel the fascinating world of Model United Nations and share my insights, challenges, and triumphs.

1. The Preparations:

My trip to EIMUN 2022 was preceded by months of anticipation and thorough research. I immersed myself in the intricate realm of international relations, becoming familiar with the issues on the agenda and the stances of the country I was assigned to. I gained the knowledge and self-assurance necessary to participate in diplomatic negotiations and forge connections with other delegates thanks to the preparation period.

2. The Conference Atmosphere:

It felt like entering a miniature version of the United Nations when I first arrived at EIMUN 2022. Delegates from all around the world gathered in the conference hall to discuss important global issues, filling the space with excitement and energy. The range of viewpoints and enthusiasm for diplomacy were extremely inspirational.

3. Committee Sessions:

The committee meetings are the centre of the Model UN experience. I was caught up in heated discussions, bargaining, and group problem-solving. Every situation tested my diplomatic prowess and capacity for critical thought, from writing resolutions to giving compelling speeches.

4. Building Alliances:

One of the most beneficial aspects of EIMUN 2022 was the opportunity to collaborate with ambassadors from different countries. Through discussion and compromise, we were able to bridge gaps, settle conflicts of interest, and create resolutions that aimed to address significant global concerns jointly. The relationships I formed at the conference transcended geographical barriers and demonstrated how well diplomacy fosters international cooperation.

5. Overcoming Challenges:

There are difficulties associated with taking part in Model UN. My resiliency and diplomatic skills were put to the test by the pressure to express ideas clearly, adjust to other viewpoints, and reach consensus among opposing viewpoints. Nevertheless, each challenge pushed me to advance both personally and professionally by providing a priceless learning opportunity.

6. Diplomatic Triumphs:

The pinnacle of my EIMUN 2022 experience was seeing the results of our group’s work—the adoption of resolutions intended to have a beneficial impact on current challenges. I was greatly moved by the sense of success and the knowledge that our voices had been heard, which strengthened my faith in the ability of diplomacy to bring about change.

My eyes were awakened to the complexities of international diplomacy by my participation in EIMUN 2022, which was a rewarding and transforming experience. The conference improved my knowledge of international relations, sharpened my diplomatic abilities, and allowed me to meet others who shared my enthusiasm for bringing about positive change in the world. I am appreciative of the priceless lessons I have learnt along the way from delegate to diplomat and the experiences I have made. I urge everyone with a love for diplomacy to start this amazing journey because the Model United Nations really captures the essence of global cooperation.

Pratik Poudel
Committee Coordinator

“Dream To Become A Diplomat From A Delegate: Unveiling the World of Model United Nations”