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Apply as a Dais

As a Dais member of EIMUN 2024, you will be responsible for handling all of the committees’ proceedings in accordance to the rules of procedures. You will have the following responsibilities.


  • After the finalization of the delegates, help them in preparing for the conference through a virtual platform and conduct at least one virtual workshop.
  • Reviewing the position papers and giving appropriate feedback to the delegates.
  • Moderating the discussion in order to channelize the discussions within the given topic.
  • Coordinate with the secretariat to make the committee sessions effective.
  • Extensive research should be performed on the agenda you are given.
The applicants are selected on the basis of answers given in this form, and also the committee allocation is done as per the answers. It is mandatory to be vaccinated prior to participating in EIMUN 2024. Hence, we request everyone to get vaccinated and send a scanned copy of the vaccine card. Also, we request you to bring the vaccine card to the conference which will be checked before your entry.

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    Youth Thinkers’ Society Management team reserves the full right in the selection process of applicants. Youth Thinkers’ Society shall not provide any clarification in case an applicant is selected or not. Youth Thinkers’ Society reserves the full right to revoke the program or the selected candidates’ permission to participate and seize the provided participation if any misbehaviour, violence, discrimination and derogatory conducts is shown towards any person, staff, volunteers and any personnel associate with the program, these acts are not tolerated and will result in expulsion from the program.

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