The Everest International Model United Nations (MUN) conference was a thrilling and transformative experience that left an indelible mark on my personal and professional growth. Held in the picturesque city of Kathmandu, Nepal, from July 10th to July 14th, 2023, the conference brought together young delegates from across the globe to engage in stimulating debates and discussions on pressing global issues. As a delegate representing Albania in the United Nations Security Council Committee, I embarked on an unforgettable journey of diplomacy, collaboration, and cultural exchange.

Talking about my journey in EIMUN, months of intense preparation preceded the conference, as I delved into the intricacies of Albania’s foreign policy and the Security Council’s previous resolutions. Conducting in-depth research on the agenda items, which ranged from peacekeeping operations to nuclear non-proliferation, equipped me with the knowledge required to advocate for Albania’s interests effectively.

From the moment I stepped into the committee room, the atmosphere crackled with energy and anticipation. Engaging in debates with passionate delegates from diverse backgrounds challenged me to think critically and articulate my ideas persuasively. I actively participated in drafting resolutions, negotiating with other delegates to build consensus, and defending my country’s stance with poise and conviction.

As someone who used to shy away from public speaking, Everest International MUN provided the ideal platform to confront my fears. With each speech delivered, my confidence grew, and I learned to speak articulately and convincingly in front of a discerning audience. Negotiation sessions taught me the value of compromise, persuasion, and the art of finding common ground amidst differing opinions. Navigating through the complexities of international relations, I realized the significance of diplomacy in fostering peaceful resolutions. Engaging in heated debates and tense crisis simulations sharpened my ability to remain composed under pressure and seek amicable solutions to contentious issues. This experience exemplified how diplomacy serves as a powerful tool in conflict resolution.

Beyond the committee sessions, the social events fostered an environment of camaraderie and cultural exchange. I formed lasting friendships with delegates from countries I had previously known little about. Learning about their customs, traditions, and viewpoints broadened my horizons and enriched my understanding of the world.

Everest International MUN was a transformative experience that challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new opportunities. It bolstered my leadership skills, empathy, and adaptability. The conference taught me the value of teamwork, the power of collaboration, and the importance of global cooperation in addressing complex global challenges. Participating in Everest International MUN was an experience that surpassed my expectations. I returned home with cherished memories, a newfound passion for international affairs, and a determination to pursue a career in diplomacy and international relations. The conference reminded me that our world is interconnected, and as young global citizens, we hold the potential to shape a better future through dialogue and understanding.

Everest International MUN was much more than just a conference; it was a transformative journey that shaped my perspective, refined my skills, and connected me with like-minded individuals from around the world. It will forever remain a cherished chapter in my life, propelling me toward a future of diplomacy, advocacy, and positive change on the global stage.

Niraj Kumar Singh

Delegates, UNSC Committee

EIMUN 2023

A Journey of Diplomacy and Discovery: My EIMUN Experience