As I sit down to reflect on my two unforgettable years of attending the Everest International Model  United Nation (EIMUN) in Kathmandu, Nepal, organized by the Youth Thinkers’ Society and the US Embassy, my heart overflows with emotions. EIMUN has held a special place in my heart, for it has not only been a platform for diplomatic discussions but also a profound experience that  transcends the boundaries of a mere conference. 

My journey with EIMUN began in 2022, where I was assigned the prestigious role of the UNSC  President. To be given this position at the time meant stepping into the shoes of some legendary  MUNers in my country, who had also been my mentors. It was an immense responsibility, and I  was determined to make my country proud. Little did I know that these conferences would become much more than a display of diplomatic skills and resolutions; they would become a testament to  the power of unity and harmony. As I sit here, struggling to pen down the most unforgettable moments of my life, I am overwhelmed  by a tapestry of emotions woven together by the threads of diplomacy, friendship, and personal  growth. This year’s conference in 2023 held an even greater significance, as I was bestowed with  the rare honor and privilege of once again serving as the UNSC President, a feat accomplished by  few and it has left an indelible mark on my soul. 

It is challenging to find the right words to express how this opportunity meant to me. To be  entrusted with such a critical role for two consecutive years was a testament to the trust and belief  placed in my abilities. And in 2023, being the Country Ambassador for Bangladesh meant even  more responsibility. As I walked into the conference halls, I carried with me the weight of the  legacy of my mentors and predecessors, those legendary MUNers who had graced this position  before me. The responsibility felt overwhelming, but I was determined to leave my mark and honor  their legacy. Over the course of five days, I witnessed the power of diplomacy and dialogue in action. We were  not just debating resolutions; we were striving to understand each other’s perspectives and find  common ground. EIMUN not only promoted the values of the United Nations but lived them,  creating a space where every voice mattered, regardless of one’s background. The conference exemplified the principles of inclusivity, respect, and empathy, turning delegates into friends and  allies rather than adversaries. 

As the days unfolded, I was humbled by the sincerity and dedication of the delegates. We weren’t  merely participants in a simulation; we were a collective of change-makers, united by our  commitment to making the world a better place. The discussions were infused with passion, and  the resolutions we drafted represented not only our diplomatic acumen but also our shared  aspirations for a more peaceful and just world. 

Amidst the intense debates and negotiations, I found solace in the friendships that blossomed.  EIMUN brought me closer to some of the most amazing souls I have ever encountered. These  newfound friends became more than just confidantes; they became the pillars of support  throughout the conference. We laughed together, faced challenges together, and celebrated each  other’s successes, creating memories that will forever be etched in the depths of my heart. 

EIMUN taught me that diplomacy extends beyond the conference rooms, that it is the art of  building bridges between hearts, transcending borders, and embracing the beauty of our diverse  world. It showed me that our voices, though diverse, can harmonize into a symphony of positive  change. To my fellow delegates, thank you for gracing this conference with your presence and making it a  haven of unity and understanding. Though we may part ways, know that you have left an indelible  mark on my heart, and our shared experiences will forever resonate within me. To the organizers and mentors, you have created a sanctuary where young minds can blossom,  where diplomacy is not just a concept but a way of life. Thank you for nurturing our growth and  fostering an environment of compassion and inclusivity. I would like to thank Mr. Chewan and  Mr. Kshitiz for their unwavering leadership in making this conference a success. I would like to  thank Miss Nuiiu, Miss Rahima & Miss Dipika for their assistance in all matters. Last but not  the least, I would like to thank Miss Neharika Shrestha for her unconditional moral and mental  support during the times when the pressure of the conference was just getting too much to bear.  

As I conclude this heartfelt account, my soul is brimming with gratitude and love for the life altering experience that is EIMUN. The memories we shared, the tears we shed, and the laughter  that echoed through the halls of The Malla Hotel are etched in the annals of my being. May the  spirit of EIMUN continue to inspire generations to come, igniting a fire of change and harmony in  every heart it touches. 

With tearful yet grateful eyes, 

Md Muksetul Islam 

EIMUN 2022 & 2023 UNSC President 

Bangladesh Country Ambassador for EIMUN 2023

A Journey of an Infinite Nostalgia: My EIMUN Experience