I am the Committee Coordinator for the UNICEF committee at EIMUN 2023. Currently, in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, I am deeply committed to promoting sustainable practices and making a positive impact within the industry.
With a passion for agriculture and sustainability, I strive to create a more environmentally conscious approach to farming. Recognizing the critical role that sustainable agriculture plays in addressing global challenges, such as food security and climate change, Prajwal seeks to inspire and educate others about the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices.
Alongside my agricultural pursuits, I am interested in the arts, literature, and travel.
Prior to my role as the UNICEF Committee Coordinator, I was an active member of the Youth Thinkers’ Society-Lamjung. Within this organization, I conducted Lamjung Model United Nations (LMUN), the Agri-Talk series, and several agriculture-based programs.
My journey in the Everest Model United Nations began with my participation as a delegate in EIMUN 2019. Having experienced the transformative power of MUN firsthand, I am thrilled to return to EIMUN 2023 as a committee coordinator. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to facilitate engaging committee sessions, fostering an inclusive and impactful environment for all participants.
With a blend of expertise in sustainable agriculture, a passion for the arts, and a commitment to international cooperation, I am poised to make a lasting contribution to the UNICEF committee at EIMUN 2023. I am excited about witnessing the committee’s achievements and creating a positive change with the delegates and dais members.

Prajwal Shrestha