On the 26th-28th of May, I had the opportunity to adjudicate the second committee of the United Nations General Assembly- Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) as a Director at Pokhara Model United Nations. As dais members, we were expecting a beginner committee but surprisingly the level of enthusiasm and the thirst for debate during the first committee session made us question our expectations. The agenda was “Recovery from Economic Recession in Developing Countries” which majorly focused on national-level policy implementation and the effects of armed conflict on the economy of the country. The agenda had an epicenter fixed on the Srilankan economic crisis. As a dais panel, we decided to divide the committee into two phases, i.e. Problem identification and Solution-based discussions to ensure a structured dialogue among the delegates. 

The committee was in smooth flow however it deviated to a security council-like scenario at times. The most intriguing part about the first day was organising the crisis. The dais members as per the culture of MUN had an idea to instigate a crisis for this committee to enhance the impromptu skills of the delegates. The crisis although had a happy ending we still had to focus on the issue of international economic recession on an international level. The dais panel strived to accommodate every issue the delegates raised just to prepare a comprehensive resolution. 

The second day was much paced compared to the first as the delegate became known to the atmosphere and the intensity of the research. The presence of an expert session in the committee aided the delegates to structure their proposals and find prompt solutions that are essential for stabilising the economy. The moderated caucus topics that were proposed were diverse and accommodated the issues faced by nations in the real world. Chits were passed and strengthening diplomacy was of utmost priority because, at the end of the day, a resolution had to be passed otherwise their efforts would go in vain. At 1:00 P.M., we had our press conference with one of the representatives from the International Press, realizing the importance of the press having an active role inside the committee. 

Finally, a combined resolution was presented by the delegates and was up for discussion among the nation’s representatives. After some heated discussions, the resolution was passed with a majority of votes. The day ended on a good note with delegates banging their desk with great enthusiasm to celebrate the success of days-long committee sessions. All in all,  it was fulfilling to witness the growth, enthusiasm, engagement, and passion of the delegates throughout the conference. My experience at PMUN 2023 as a Director was truly a rewarding and enriching one filled with valuable memories that will be cherished forever.

– Subin Poudel
Director of ECOFIN/ PMUN

An enriching experience to be cherished for a lifetime!